As humans have found more ways to express themselves, one thing that has become more evident is that many of us have developed a sense of entitlement. So acute at times, that it feels like the world owes us something. But then is this really the case? We need to look deep within ourselves and search for the answer.

If you think you deserve the best of everything, so does everyone around you who is as willing to work as hard for it as you. There is a whole generation out there thinking that the government exists to care for them. We see youth these days who think that the world owes them a good job, a good house, a good life once they are done with education. We see middle-aged professionals who think that the world owes them a good promotion or a good job. We see aged people who think that they world owes them good retirement benefits. We see kids these days who think the world owes them the best of the luxurious life there is to be offered. It’s not wrong to wish for something but to look upon it as an entitlement is the first step of losing sight of ones goals.

Look around and if you are honest with yourself, you would see that there are a lot of people out there who deserve the same things or better than that you wish for. And when you have certain luxuries that others may not have, its only right to appreciate it and be grateful for it. It’s safe to assume that no one owes you anything. When you come to terms with that, only then will you work harder towards achieving what you think you deserve. It is true that some people are more fortunate than others but fortune also favors you when you are willing to work for it. There may be an element of luck involved in everything we do but if we are not going to give it our best, there is very little hope that luck would favor us.

Entitlement is a disease and the sooner you rid yourself off it, the better it would be for you and people around you. Entitlement breeds resentment and it may make the entire environment a bit resentful. Do yourself a favor by having gratitude instead. It works wonders. Not only does it make you happier, but also makes you respect what you have. Be grateful for what you have achieved in life and work harder towards what more you want to achieve. It is not to say that we should not aim high, just that we should not expect the world to make our dreams come true. Rather work towards your dreams and along the way, if you can help someone get closer to theirs do that.

“You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.”                                     

 ― Abraham Lincoln


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